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Anything on this page is free for download. Most of these items were submitted by fans like you. If you're interested in submitting to this page, email us at

  • The "missing page" to The Flower of Battle supplement, the Huscarl Axe, written by Brian Bjerregaard Bergh.
  • Here is a PDF of the New Character Sheet found in the TROS Companion. Feel free to make copies for personal use.
  • Errata for Of Beasts and Men that didn't make the second printing (it was bound to happen). Courtesy of the author, Brian Leybourne. Thanks! (last updated 08/19/03)
  • Pre-made characters for the TROS CharGen program. More will be added as more are submitted. To use these just open the Character Gnerator and use the "Open" option. Remember to look for them where you saved them! (last updated 08/10/03)

  • A two-page CHARACTER SHEET , in portrait format courtesy of Anders Fang in PDF Form format (meaning you can edit it on screen!); special thanks to Jocke Andersson for converting the sheet to PDF Form format (last updated 05/06/03).
  • REALLY COOL!!! The Riddle of Steel Character Generator, a windows program by Brian Leybourne that will blow you away. It allows you to create, manage, and even print characters on a TROS Character Sheet. You must have the Core Rulebook nearby to install and occasionally to use this program, so don't bother downloading it unless you own the book (last updated 4/30/03).
  • A Sorcerer's Reference Sheet, allowing players of the Gifted and the Fey to keep all of there Vagaries, Sorcerous Attributes and Gifts & Flaws, and several spells in one place. This one is newer than what's in the book (last updated 03/07/03).
  • Damage Reference Tables, from the Appendix of The Riddle of Steel: Roleplaying with an Edge core rulebook. It's a big download (about 30 MB) in PDF format, but worth it if you want to print those pages out for quick reference during play. Includes the weapons and most everything else from the Appendix as well (last updated 5/20/02).
  • The Riddle of Steel Combat Simulator, a windows program by Brian Leybourne that does much more than the old DOS program, and is prettier to boot. Includes armor, maneuvers, fatigue, multiple pre-made character templates (combat stats only) and several weapons. While it by no means represents the full range of possible actions in TROS combat, it does give a excellent feel for how things work. (last updated 12/21/02).
  • A MS-DOS based program for running simple combat in The Riddle of Steel by Robert Hyatt. It doesn't cover every facet of game combat (limited wounds and maneuvers, limited weapons and armor) but is pretty self explanatory for those familiar with the game. It allows characters to be saved and keeps a running total of their wins and losses (last updated 11/30/01).
  • A die-rolling program capable of up to 24 dice at a time that both rolls the dice and tells you what your chances are of getting one success (last updated 11/30/01).
  • A six page .pdf (Master Screen format) displaying the flags from all the major nations of Weyrth (last updated 04/22/02).
  • A large map of Weyrth, a campaign world for The Riddle of Steel (last updated 03/29/02).
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